Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alcest - [2005] Le Secret [MP3]

Alcest - [2005] Le Secret [EP]

Le Secret is an EP by French musician Alcest. It was released in May 2005 through Drakkar Productions. Unlike Alcest's previous release, all of the music on Le Secret is performed by Neige.

Alcest is a musical project born in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France. It began in 2000 with three members – Neige, Aegnor and Argoth. This band released a demo of black metal songs in 2001. Shortly after, Aegnor and Argoth left the band, leaving Neige as the sole member. This marked a change in style, as Alcest's subsequent releases have more often been described as shoegaze.

Track List:
  1. "Le Secret" – 14:33
  2. "Élévation" – 12:46
Total playing time 27:19

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